Welcome to littlewind.com.  You may find some pointers here to useful information about Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Collaborative Product Development (CPD). 

The best advice is to visit the PLM Interest Group.  This global Group started operating in January 2004 and its membership has encompassed over 140 organisations from 24 different countries.   The PLMIG does not just arrange meetings for general discussion of PLM, but brings together practitioners who collaborate to produce new PLM deliverables. 

PLMIG initiatives have led to the creation of the PLM Self-Assessment Toolkit; the PLM Maturity; the PLM Benchmarking Handbook; as well as new tools for Project Justification and Delivery.

The Group is the driving force behind the Professional PLM Initiative, and manages programmes to establish Class A PLM.
Visit the PLM Interest Group site and find out about the latest initiatives in PLM.